Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy
  Funded by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies Priority

Era Endoscopy Srl, Italy

Era Endoscopy Srl is a new company generated by the initiative of a research group with a long and well proven experience in the field of robotic endoscopy, with the objective of creating a real new era in practical endoscopy and, in particular, in colonoscopy. The core product of the company is a disposable flexible robotic self-propelling colonoscope able to replace painful examinations in the area of early cancer diagnosis. Thanks to the highly technically advanced clamping systems (patented), the robot travels along the bowel lumen like a worm. Experimental tests showed that the device deforms intestinal walls ten times less than conventional colonoscopies, even reaching the same objectives.