Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy
  Funded by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies Priority

SINTEF Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning ved Norges tekniske høgskole (NTH), Norway

SINTEF is a multidisciplinary R&D foundation with 1770 employees, structured into six business areas. The participating institutes are SINTEF ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and SINTEF Health Research.

The Microsystems and Nanotechnology Department, part of SINTEF ICT, specializes in the design and fabrication of advanced sensors and actuators such as ultrasound transducers, micro-optical components, X-ray detectors, pressure sensors, gas sensors, accelerometers, biosensors, µTAS, etc. Designs can be realized in a state of the art automated 150 mm silicon clean room fabrication facility. The group has a strong capability in finite element based modeling of mechanical, thermal, acoustical, electrical and other properties of sensor structures. In the area of microfabrication, the group’s strong points lie in bulk and surface micomachining, wafer level bonding-based packaging of sensor structures and design for manufacturing. The processing facility will be ISO 9000 certified next year. The group has a proven track record in the successful completion of national as well as European projects. In the EUROPRACTICE programme, the group participated in three Competence Centres and two Manufacturing Clusters. The group is currently involved in the national project SMIDA, where an intravascular ultrasound probe is being developed for inspection of plaques and placement of stents.
The Medical Technology Department, part of SINTEF Health Research, has extensive experience in navigation technology, visualization of medical data (MRI/CT/ultrasound/etc) and processing of medical images, in particular ultrasound, all in connection with minimally invasive surgery. A generic prototype surgical navigation system and a system tailored for neurosurgery have been developed. The latter system is being commercialized by the spin-off company MISON AS ( A close collaboration with Trondheim University hospital, in particular the surgical department, is continuously on-going. The joint work with the National Centre for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery ( has resulted in several publications in international journals and awards at international conferences the last few years. Activities are carried on in integration of tracking technologies (electromagnetic and optic) and visualization of medical images (2D and 3D). Furthermore, the Medical Technology Department performs clinical studies, evaluates medical technology, performs accuracy analysis of surgical tools and educates PhD candidates.

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