Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy
  Funded by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies Priority

  WP2 Market & Regulatory Framework

The health-economic impact is an important parameter to qualify the medical feasibility of technology. This is mainly based on the analysis of medical outcomes and the monetary resources involved into realizing these outcomes. Therefore the consortium will dedicate a workpackage to this item in order to demonstrate the benefits of smart capsules for healthcare systems. The work package partly uses results created in work package 2 but is clearly separate from this work package.
The purpose of WP 2 is to analyse the health-economic outcome of the VECTOR devices as a justification for future clinical use. This kind of outcome analysis requires concrete input and substantial knowledge about the factual performance of the devices and procedures to be studied.

WP Leader
novineon Healthcare Technology Partners GmbH, Germany

KIST Europe GmbH, Germany
ERA Endoscopy Srl, Italy
SMIT Society for Medical Innovation and Technology e.V., Germany
netMED AISBL, Belgium
Innovent Technology e.V., Germany