Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy
  Funded by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies Priority

  WP5 Vision System & Illumination

Vision is one of the key elements for endoscopic diagnosis. The challenge of the R&D for the vision and illumination system is realizing a very compact, high performance and low power imaging system. This will require a very efficient illumination system and a very sensitive camera. In order to achieve this goal all components have to be optimized and tuned to each other. Besides the power management, the thermal management will be a specific issue. Strategies for color reconstruction, autofocus and zoom functions have to be developed and implemented. The maximum data rate, a product of resolution and frame rate, has to be considered and probably data compression strategies will be important. Other areas of concern are auto exposure control and high dynamic range handling strategies. A clear vision has also to be maintained during time, thus making mandatory a vision maintenance system (e.g. lens cleaning system).

Typical endoscopic images
traditional endoscope (CCD sensor, 320x240, 15fps)

WP Leader
SSSA Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna, Italy

EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Endosmart GmbH, Germany
University of Barcelona, Spain
FORTH Foundation for research and technologies Hellas, Greece
IMC Intelligent Microsystem Center, South Korea
Jagiellonian University, Poland
NeuriCam SPA, Italy