Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy
  Funded by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme, Information Society Technologies Priority

  WP6 Integrated Circuit Development

Taking into account the very small dimensions of the capsule, full custom Integrated Circuits have to be designed and implemented to properly drive and control the robotic device. Low voltage integrated circuits will be developed in order to increase the integration level and minimize the final circuit surface. High yield in power conversion is a big challenge due to the small amount of energy available in the capsule. The energy capacity limitation of the power source will call for power recovery techniques, used to increase the robot autonomy. High density assembling and packaging techniques have to be combined to adapt the electronic modules to the capsule.
Different functions will be defined to drive walking mechanisms, to acquire and elaborate signals from the frontal camera, to send and receive signals through the telemetric link, and to operate the diagnostic and therapeutic units. Close co-operation with the other WPs will ensure a final size and performances optimization.
A control strategy for the motion drives will be implemented. Some intelligence has to be included to overcome non-linear behavior of the actuation system in order to increase the accuracy of motion.
Power circuitry and digital control system have to be integrated in a mixed mode IC along with sensor read-out circuits and signal communication transceivers. By using multi chip packaging, "on board" electronics could be included: power step up conversion, power signal generation, IR (or RF) driving circuitry, IR (or RF) interface protocol, etc.
The full custom IC for the main body of the capsule will include all the electronic interfaces with the capsule’s submodules. Moreover several ICs for the different derivative device will be designed in order to enable the autonomous operation of each one of them.

WP Leader
University of Barcelona, Spain

SSSA Scuola Superiore Sant’ Anna, Italy